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Bellaire Bar and Restaurant Reviews

Lemongrass Cafe

5109 Bellaire Blvd Bellaire, TX 77401

Lemongrass Cafe is an Asian Fusion restaurant that's known for their upscale entrees. This restaurant pays attention to detail like no other establishment in the area. The food is out of this world, and there's nothing better than enjoying high quality options in an elegant environment to start off your weekend. With options such as Curry Crab Firecrackers, Pad Thai, Valentine's Fruit Tart, and more, you're sure to love Lemongrass.

Costa Brava Bistro

5115 Bellaire Blvd Houston, TX 77401

Costa Brava Bistro is a Spanish meets French cuisine Tapas Bar! This bistro is fantastic for when you're looking to impress a date, or you want to indulge in some high quality entrees yourself! The crowd pleasing favorites at Costa Bravo include the gazpacho, seared snapper, paella, and their Salpicon de Mariscos. It's safe to say that no matter what you eat here, you'll be blown away by the flavor and overall quality. Make your way to Costa Brava!

Auntie Pasto's

5101 Bellaire Blvd Bellaire, TX 77401

Auntie Pasto's is an Italian restaurant with an upscale menu that's sure to have you impressed. Instead of going to a corporate establishment for your Italian food, make your way to this family owned establishment for the best possible authentic Italian selections. The Crawfish Ravioli is out of this world, and you can't go wrong with the Shrimp Alfredo Pasta, Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Milano, Jack Daniel Pie, and amazing Tiramisu dessert!

Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi House

5317 Bissonnet St Bellaire, TX 77401

Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi House is an Asian Fusion restaurant meets Steakhouse, and we can't think of a better combination! If you're a fan of the hibachi style of cooking, you'll feel right at home here. However, they're also talented at cooking all of your favorite Japanese selections such as stir fries, steaks, as well as some fresh and flavorful sushi options. With Raspverry Cheesecake that has the whole town talking, you can't go wrong with a visit here.

Cafe Piquet

5757 Bissonnet St Bellaire, TX 77401

Cafe Piquet is a Cuban restaurant in Bellaire with talented chefs! If you've never had authentic Cuban food before, this is a great place to start. With amazing food, wine and beer options, and a calming ambience that can't be denied, it's no wonder why this is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. When you come here, be sure to try the Pernil Asado con Mojo, Vaca Frita, Ropa Vieja, and all of their amazing dessert options!

Roadster Grill

5210 Bissonnet St Bellaire, TX 77401

Roadster Grill is a Greek meets American restaurant, and the quality of food here is practically unbeatable in terms of flavor and quality. The employees are friendly here, and the owner loves to make his rounds to ensure you're satisfied. They have huge portions here, which makes it even better on the pocketbook! You're sure to enjoy their Dolmas, Onion Straws, Gyro to Go, and amazing lamb Pita that comes with their famous homemade Tzatziki sauce.


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