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Bordersville Bar and Restaurant Reviews

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

IAH Airport Area, 3950 S Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77093
Phone number (281) 821-7684

If you want to stop and have some absolutely delectable cajun and creole food in the Bordersville area with Houston Limousine Bus, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is a very popular one in the IAH Airport Area. They've really got some filling fare that you'll fall in love with here, including gourmet seafood dishes that are pure perfection!

Gumbo Jeaux's

15655 JFK Blvd, Houston, TX 77032
Phone number (281) 227-7138

If gumbo sounds like the ideal treat during your outing with Houston Limousine Bus in Bordersville, Gumbo Jeaux's is a must-visit! This is a casual place with counter service where you'll really feel at home. The catfish trout entree is one of our very favorite things to indulge in here. Every single item on the menu is just too delish!

3rd Bar

IAH Airport Area, 2852-2878 S Terminal Rd
Houston, TX 77032

Anotherr one located at the airport, perfect for your trips in and out of the Bordersville area, 3rd Bar is another must-see for seafood and breakfast too! Stop in early in the AM hours for some yummy eggs and bacon, or come in later in the day and dive into some too good to be believed fish dishes! Good pricing too!

Nee Hao Restaurant

IAH Airport Area, 5797 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77032
Phone number (281) 442-3402

If you love Chinese food as much as we do, you should really check out Nee Hao Restaurant, also in the airport area, very convenient when you're flying in or out and traveling on a Houston Limousine Bus vehicle. The portions are just amazing. You certainly won't find that you're hungry a half hour later when you dine here!

Real Food Co.

IAH Airport Area, 2800 North Terminal Rd
Houston, TX 77032

Real Food Co. is the place to go if you love market style restaurants. We're big fans of the brisket and they've also got really nice treats like yogurt and berry parfaits that are quite refreshing in the middle of a long Houston Limousine Bus trip on a very hot day! Really wonderful service, nice prices, and very pleasant ambiance.

Pappasito's Cantina

IAH Airport Area, 3950 S Terminal Rd, Space 4, Houston, TX 77093
Phone number (281) 821-2266

Pappasito's Cantina is a very fun spot to go if you're in the mood for delicious Tex-Mex at an affordable price in a great atmosphere. It's usually at least somewhat loud and lively here, never boring or stuffy, and there's just so much space for your happy-go-lucky Houston Limousine Bus groups. Superb steak and shrimp dishes here!

Upper Crust

IAH Airport Area, Terminal C, Houston, TX 77032
Phone number (281) 233-7781

Upper Crust sounds to us like it would be a pizzeria, but in fact, this irresistible establishment is actually a deli! They feature some absolutely amazing baguettes and pasta salads here, but needless to say, the stars of the show are their incredible deli sandwiches. A huge array of old fashioned favorites and modern twists!

Jimee's BBQ

IAH Airport Area, 17919 Aldine Westfield Rd, Houston, TX 77073
Phone number (281) 233-0911

Jimee's BBQ is a great barbecue joint that is just too ideal for your upcoming trips with us in this area. They have one of the largest array of barbecue choices in the area, and even delectable desserts that you will not be able to resist. The brownies are our dessert of choice! Purely addictive! Wonderful owners here.

Salt Lick

IAH Airport Area, 2852-2878 S Terminal Rd
Houston, TX 77032

Salt Lick is another traditional American barbecue restaurant that's really a gem for our Houston Limousine Bus travelers in the Bordersville area. It's one of the newer additions to the area, just two months old at the time of this writing, and there's lots of room for groups. This fabulous barbecue pit is a must-see. Don't miss it!

Cafe Rian Cajun Cafe

IAH Airport Area, 8790 FM Rd 1960 Bypass W, Humble, TX 77338
Phone number (281) 446-8800

Cafe Rian is an unforgettable cajun cafe where you can indulge in all your Louisiana-style seafood favorites right here in the Bordersville area. Houston Limousine Bus customers know that this is the place to go around here, with smart pricing, nice ambiance, and a really extensive menu that will please the tastebuds and the soul!


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