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Our mantra is to provide you with a stress free evening of transportation, that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Houston Limousine Bus has been in business for many years. We, for the duration of our existence, have always driven ourselves to be as accommodating as possible to your needs, desires, and preferences. We have always taken great pride in every aspect of the service we provide to you. As a demonstration of that, you should know that we go to great lengths to acquire only the very best and highest class vehicles, to hire only the finest maintenance staff and crew to take care of our fleet, and to find only the very best and most professional chauffeurs in the business. You'll find this passionate commitment to excellence really shows in the high level of customer service you receive, and in the fine vehicles we provide.

Customer service is more than just two words for us. It is the very backbone of our business and applies to every department in our company.

From booking agents, dispatchers, chauffeurs, cleaning crew, mechanics, and even our web development team... each and every one of our employees has a passion for their job, our owner likes to joke that it is mandatory. What this means is that every one of our great staff is committed to customer service. We feel that each and every employee at Houston Limousine Bus is a part of our customer service, because if one part of the chain fails; then the customer service you receive is thereby subpar. Subpar is not accepted here. We aren't in the industry looking to make a quick buck, we strive to provide the best possible service, because satisfied customers are repeat customers and a loyal customer base is the foundation to long term success.

You will certainly love all of our fine, high quality vehicles!

As we've mentioned, each and every one of our staff works together as a great team to insure that your time with us is enjoyable, comfortable, and an unforgettable good time. We spare no expense in providing every luxury we can to insure your comfort, as well as all of the modern and fun electronic goodies to keep your group entertained the whole night through. You'll appreciate all of the fun we provide, and you'll love being pampered by our awesome chauffeur all night long.

Our company holds the highest credentials allowed by the state and federal mandates.

You will be afforded a vehicle that has passed rigorous inspections, and is insured to the hilt for your protection. While incidents are quite rare, they are an unfortunate part of life. To protect you in the very rare case that something happens, we have acquired the maximum allowable insurance. It comes full circle due to the fact that because incidents are so rare that we are then able to afford the best insurance to make sure our customers safely covered no matter the event.

We look forward to serving you! Contact us at any time if you ever have any questions at all.


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2300 Old Spanish Trl #2088, Houston, TX 77054